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Discover the ingredients to start a professional career in the restaurant industry: enroll in our school's professional Italian cooking course!
Welcome and welcome to the path that will turn your passion for cooking into an exciting and fulfilling career!

At our school, we offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Italian catering through our professional cooking course.

Discover the Authentic Taste of Italian Cuisine
Our course highlights the roots of Tuscan and Italian cuisine, guiding you through culinary traditions and the latest global trends. From ancient recipes to innovative approaches, you will learn to master fundamental techniques and understand the fascinating story behind each dish.

A Comprehensive Training Method
Classes take place in the stimulating atmosphere of the classroom-kitchen, where daily practice is mixed with interesting theoretical insights. We organize educational trips and visits to local producers, enriching your knowledge base. Thematic workshops, such as pastry and pork making, further enrich your training.

Driven Toward Success
During the course, you will be involved in the preparation of a full 4-course menu, culminating in a convivial lunch with your fellow students.
Guest lecturers, experts in their fields, will enrich your experience with regional input, style and culinary knowledge. At the end of the two-month course, you will have the opportunity to solidify your skills with a 4-6 month internship in one of Italy's finest restaurants.

Internship Tailored for You
The internship is not only an opportunity to practice what you have learned, but also to shape your experience. We will carefully consider the location of the internship based on your personal needs, guaranteeing you room and board during this time.

Ready to Kick Start Your Culinary Adventure?
Enroll in our course and get ready to become a successful chef. We are here to guide you on your journey to an exciting career in the Italian restaurant world. Join our family of chefs and start creating unforgettable culinary experiences. Your culinary adventure begins here! 


*Italian Cuisine is a training institution accredited and qualified by the Tuscany Region for training with the CSQ-IMQ certificate, in accordance with ISO 9001-2015.

Thematic workshops
During the two-month course you will attend food and wine workshops devoted to specific topics with experts in the field, such as: 

  • Oil Tasting: visual examination, olfactory experience, tasting.
  •  Wine Tasting: visual, olfactory, taste analysis. Reading the label. Organoleptic analysis: the eye, nose and mouth in tasting. Typicality of grapes, typicality of territories and typicality of wines. Native grape varieties vs. international grape varieties. Choosing wine: food/wine pairing criteria. Serving technique: presenting the bottle, opening the bottle, serving temperature, wine succession at the table.
  • Baking: introduction to the world of bread and the variety of flours used; knowledge of practices used for leavening, from natural leavening to polish, to direct doughs.
  • Vacuum Cooking: knowledge of vacuum cooking techniques and cooking and regeneration systems to maintain product quality and freshness.
  • Butchery and Pork Butchery: analysis and knowledge of the art and techniques of meat processing, particularly pork, and the methods of meat bagging and processing.
  • HACCP course - 12-hour training course.

At the end of the course will be issued:

  • "HACCP - Mandatory Training for Complex Food Handler" certificate;
  • Certificate of attendance at the workshop on 'oil;
  • Certificate of attendance at the Italian Cuisine Professional Cooking Course recognized by the Region of Tuscany.


    It is also possible to attend one week of the course: for this mode, please write privately for more details


    Sign up!

    Enrolling is simple! And it is possible to do so by requesting the appropriate form via e-mail or by going to the School Secretariat at 37 Via della Zecca, Lucca.
    It is also possible to attend one week of the course: for this mode, please write privately for more details.


    • An advance payment of 30% of the total amount for participation in the Course is due at the time of registration. The balance of the remaining 70% must be paid by the first day of class;
    • Any cancellation may be communicated between 40 and 25 days within the first day of the course. In that case Italian Cuisine will refund the deposit payment of 30%;
    • In case the cancellation is received within 25 days of the start of the course, the 30% payment made as a deposit will not be refunded;
    • In the event that the waiver occurs while the course has started and is in progress, no money will be refunded. It should also be noted that in this condition no certificate of attendance or diploma will be issued;
    • For students who drop out, Italian Cuisine will give the opportunity to take a course within the school, equal to the amount paid, in the following months;
    • Dropout students are defined as those who have dropped out within 25 days of the start of the course, or for those who have dropped out - due to force majeure, well justified - of the course while it is in progress, and in any case by the end of the 4th week of the Course;


Basic Professional Course Cost

€ 3,650.00 - including two months of professional course / The 7-week course is € 3,200.00


For options including internship, accommodation and Italian language course, please send an email to

Upcoming Courses:

  • CP61A: Monday, April 1 to Friday, May 24, 2024;
  • CP61B: Monday, September 2 to Friday, October 25, 2024;
  • CP62A: Monday, November 4 to Friday, December 20, 2024 (7 weeks).


First Module: the basics of cooking: techniques and preparations.

Introduction to the course - The main hygiene regulations.

Introduction to the main sauces. Introduction to vegetables.

Basic techniques applied to simple preparations.

Food preservation techniques.

Second Module: seafood cooking, fish. Products, processing, cooking, recipes.

Menu design and development, assembly of dishes.
Fish: cleaning and cutting.
Processing and cooking.

Third Module: land-based cuisine, meat. Products, processing, cooking, recipes.

The cuts and parts of the animal.
Processing and cooking. 

Fourth Module: Italian Regional Cooking.

Regional cuisine Tuscany, Lombardy, Veneto, Sicily and Piedmont: from North to South, classic Italian recipes.

Fifth Module: tradition and innovation, from classic Italian cuisine to new trends in gastronomy.

Tradition and innovation: fish and meat in Tuscan tradition and new gastronomic trends.

Sixth Module: flours and leavened products, Pizza & Bread. Tradition, techniques and processing.

Preparation and wood-fired baking of Neapolitan pizza.
Introduction to bread making.
Regional variants.

Seventh Module: Pastry, the sweet world of desserts.

Introduction to Pastry: techniques, products, trends.
Regional Variants

Eighth Module: the composition of the Menu: hypotheses, tests and insights. Management of gastronomic events: catering, banquets.

Observation and evaluation of students in menu creation and development: the organization of the final test.
Execution of dishes at the request of students.
The organization of work in the professional kitchen and the organization of banquets and events.


Italian Cuisine

Gianluca Pardini began his career in Tuscany where from a young age he worked as a "piccino" in the kitchens: at the age of 20 he worked at the Excelsior in Florence and then flew first to France and then to Japan where he lived and trained for 4 years.
In 1986, when he returned to Italy, together with Paola, his lifelong partner, he successfully ran the restaurant Il Mecenate.
During the restaurant period he began his experience as a teacher, specializing in training Japanese chefs.
Since 1996 the school has been internationally recognized and has become a point of reference for young people who want to train in the field of Italian cuisine. 

Professional cooking course

  • Duration:2 mounths
  • Lessons:
  • Students:12
  • LevelProfessional
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