Basic Cooking Classes for Food-Lovers

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Explore the World of Cooking with Italian Cuisine!

An extraordinary adventure awaits you at our school for 5 weeks with our course of classes, divided into Level I, II and III.
This program is designed for those who wish not only to learn, but to fully immerse themselves in the fundamental skills of cooking, all in an atmosphere of warm conviviality.
Each appointment is an opportunity to explore a different topic, ranging from culinary basics to more advanced levels. 

For participants at higher levels, we will immerse ourselves in the preparation of full menus, making each class a complete and rewarding culinary experience.
Each meeting will be a delicious journey through flavors and techniques-join us and make cooking a shared passion with no secrets!

Course Calendar

Level I: JANUARY 30 - 6 - 13 - 19 - 27 FEBRUARY 2024 | second edition: April 10-17-23 and May 2 and 6 

Schedule: 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. approx. 

Cost Basic Course Level I : € 298.00 (including vat)

Level II: 29 FEBRUARY - 7 - 12 - 21 - 28 MARCH 2024

Hours: 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. approx.

Cost Basic Course Level II : € 298.00 (including vat)

Level III: April 30 - May 9 - May 14, 2024

Cost Basic Course Level III 

Payment is due on the first evening of the course. Cost includes:

  • 5 cooking classes of about 3 hours each;
  • The written recipes of the dishes prepared;
  • The dinner/tasting at the end of each class (drinks included).

Level I:

Lesson 1 - Sauces and sauces: introduction to mother sauces.
Lesson 2 - Vegetables: selection, types of cuts and choice of knives, cleaning, different cooking methods. 

Lesson 3 - Fresh and filled pastas: types and selection of flours. Basic doughs, selection of ingredients, fillings (vegetarian, meat, fish) 

Lesson 4 - Meat: choice of meats (beef and veal), how to recognize pieces, how to preserve them. Types and characteristics, different cooking methods.

Lesson 5 - The Fish: cooking methods. Processing techniques and basic preparation.   


Level II: Practical lessons during which a menu consisting of 4 courses will be prepared. Participants will be divided into working groups in order to collaborate for the success of the meal. The menu is varied and makes use of the basic secrets learned in Level I: from pasta to fish, from meat to vegetables, not forgetting desserts.

Level III: the lessons, in this last step will deal with more complex, formative and stimulating themes and techniques, with special attention to the composition and presentation of the dishes that will be more elaborate, going to constitute a Chef's menu!

The meal will be accompanied by Tuscan wines paired with the menu each evening.

Italian Cuisine

Gianluca Pardini began his career in Tuscany where from a young age he worked as a "piccino" in the kitchens: at the age of 20 he worked at the Excelsior in Florence and then flew first to France and then to Japan where he lived and trained for 4 years.
In 1986, when he returned to Italy, together with Paola, his lifelong partner, he successfully ran the restaurant Il Mecenate.
During the restaurant period he began his experience as a teacher, specializing in training Japanese chefs.
Since 1996 the school has been internationally recognized and has become a point of reference for young people who want to train in the field of Italian cuisine. 

Basic Cooking Classes for Food-Lovers

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