Chef Gianluca Pardini

Chef Gianluca Pardini was born in Pisa and started his career in Tuscany. At 21, he worked in the only Italian restaurant in Orléans, France. This international context opened up his mind and certain channels that led him to an experience in Japan (1980-1984) as a culinary consultant. Just after he returned to Italy, he opened “Mecenate” in Lucca, which he managed until 1996.

Since 1997, the chef has dedicated himself to teaching the art of Italian cuisine at his Italian Cuisine - International School of Italian Cuisine, initially opened in Siena. Since 2004, is has been at its current location in Lucca. Pardini has helped train students in the most important cities in Europe, Japan and the United States.

He was recognized as honorary instructor at the Chicago College Du Page and is an honorary member of the Chicago Chefs Association as well as "Les Amis d'Escoffier Society of Chicago". In 2004, the Federation of Italian Chefs named him "Maestro of Cuisine and Executive Chef".

He continues to frequent international kitchens, from Japan to Lithuania, from the United States to Russia, combining these activities with his management and supervision of the School.

The Academy

For years our staff has worked to make the School a welcoming and comfortable place of growth and learning. Every day, each staff member dedicates his or her experience and passion, elements that define Italian Cuisine.

Gianluca Pardini - Director and Executive Chef
Elisa Cecchi - Chef
Carla Lopez - Administration
Giulia Pardini - Digital Communications
Myunghwa Yoo - Japanese – Italian Translator
Victoria Yasinskaya – Russian – Italian Translator